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Projects and Testimonials

Inspired Arts Management has presented at TCG, TRG National webinar, SMU, UF and UMKC. Inspired Arts Management has launched a research initiative on the commonalities in successful Dual Leadership Partnerships in LORT theaters.  Upon completion, the research findings will be shared with the national theatre field.   


Inspired Arts Management and Angela Gieras have client or work experience with:

Warehouse Theatre, Dallas Theater Center, Florida Theatre, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Contemporary Theatre of Dallas, WaterTower Theatre, American Conservatory Theatre, Portland Center Stage, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Guthrie Theatre, Jungle Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Persephone Theatre, Soulpepper Theatre Co., Prairie Theatre Exchange 

Partner Jumpstart
Inspired Arts Management Signature Program designed for dual leaders
Angela's work is so brilliantly sophisticated and nuanced. It was so revealing, so profound, but handled with such care that it seemed easy, somehow. Every new leadership partnership should experience Jumpstart as a mandatory activity. It will provide an essential foundation to build from.
Lisa Li, Managing Director Prairie Theatre Exchange

Angela Gieras is an INSPIRED ARTS leader. This program couldn’t have come at a better time for me in my transition to becoming an Artistic Director of a major nonprofit theater. Angela’s approach to this work is open, inclusive, thoughtful, and deep. My partnership is richer because of this work!

Maria Manuela Goyanes, Artistic Director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

Partner Jumpstart was a joyful, efficient way to tackle challenging topics.  It was really useful to have such a well facilitated space to have candid conversations. I felt my partner and I were able to talk about things that could easily become issues down the road.  I am really grateful for Angela's expertise, experience and enjoyable approach!
Executive Director, Theatre in the Midwest

Partner Jumpstart cracks open the very heart of what lies between two leaders.  Angela's humor and passion makes the training a day of deep learning and discovery. 

Marissa Wolf, Artistic Director Portland Center Stage at the Armory

The balance we experienced with Partner Jumpstart between inward exploration and sharing of our own strengths and challenges and the outward focus on practical tools we can use as a team was spot on. I know the pathway moving forward for us is clearer from having done work with Partner Jumpstart, and that Inspired Arts Management is a resource we will rely on in this journey. 

Cynthia Fuhrman, Managing Director, Portland Center Stage at the Armory

Partner Jumpstart confirmed that we are a good match and balance each other out. The activities we worked through allowed us to talk about our triggers and vulnerabilities which opened up our relationship further and set the foundation for us to be each other's person.
Kristen Dion, General Manager Persephone Theatre
Partner Jumpstart is a gift of a day, a chance to really connect as a leadership team, to listen to each other with real quality and insight, and to get excited about the future.
Del Surjik, Artistic Director Persephone Theatre

Partner Jumpstart was the perfect way for Pam and me to formally and methodically discuss our working partnership during the early days of its formation. Angela Gieras was thoughtful in her guidance of us throughout the session and responsive to our reactions throughout the course of the day so that she could uniquely facilitate what we need to be our best.

Jennifer Bielstein, Executive Director, American Conservatory Theater

Partner Jumpstart was a phenomenal way to begin our journey as co-executives of Royal MTC. The DISC findings were unbelievably accurate and created a safe forum for us to discuss our work styles, our aspirations and how we can best support each other as we carve a vision for the organization going forward. Angela is a wonderful facilitator with immense energy, passion and sensitivity. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Kelly Thornton, Artistic Director, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Partner Jumpstart has helped establish an instant shorthand with my new Artistic Director. It allowed us the framework to talk about our aspirations and hopes, our shortcomings and gifts, and how we can do our best work individually and as a team. It was an extraordinary day of learning about my new partner; I feel that we've quickly moved from colleagues to collaborators, with a shared vision for how we want to lead, and a bold project that we are determined to execute.

Camilla Holland, Executive Director Director, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Everything DiSC™ Workshop Testimonials

"This work never ceases to amaze me.  It truly equips you with practical tools to navigate other personality types in the workplace.  I highly recommend it." Theatre Everything DiSC workshop participant

"So enjoyed Angela coming back to help our team grow and evolve...and bond.  Theatre Everything DiSC workshop participant

Executive Coaching Testimonials

"I was amazed by how much we accomplished in 30 minutes! Angela definitely had me thinking about things differently than I ever had before.  I would highly recommend a coaching session with her." Coaching client

"I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to come up with several actionable solutions to my issue through just one Executive Coaching session." Coaching client

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