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What we do

Together at the Top
Partner Jumpstart™

Developing shared values and language takes time in any partnership.  Inspired Arts Management's Partner Jumpstart™ is designed as an intensive one-day program to foster trust, build a cohesive vision and learn how to work effectively with your new partner.  Partner Jumpstart™ was developed following an extensive research study that discovered commonalities of successful partnerships in LORT theaters. Take your partnership to greater heights with Partner Jumpstart™. 

Growing Plants
Leadership Development

Using a proven Leadership Framework and tools that are widely used in the corporate world, Inspired Arts Management has the power to cultivate the leaders within your organization with easy, practical, and productive leadership training.  Contact us today to learn about how Inspired Arts Management is able to strengthen trust and improve the productivity of teams. Inspired Arts Management, LLC is an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®. Contact us today to learn how DiSC can help you to understand yourself and others better and lead to greater connection and better communication.

Executive Coaching

Are you looking to strengthen your leadership skills or are you looking to leap into a leadership role?  Executive coaching may be right for you. Inspired Arts Management can work with you to achieve your goals.  We specialize in search coaching for diverse candidates.  Based on our passionate commitment to a diverse field, we are able to guide you through sharing your story and getting to the table.  

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

With two decades as a theater practitioner and leadership researcher, Inspired Arts Management is keenly aware of the varying demands of today's Artistic and Managing Leaders in theater.  At Inspired Arts Management, we approach the field with curiosity and study areas to learn how to make positive change and improve future success. 

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